This chapter had me both excited and disappointed.

Excited because we get to learn more about hagoromo and his sons. ALso, Hagoromo is quite cool

Disappointed for various reasons: Hagoromo had a brother that was never mentioned. I think Kishi is manipulating around a bit too much; there's already enough he has to handle...unless of course his brother is essential to the story somehow. Then Indra doesen't have his spiral eyes, which got me utterly pissed. I really hoped to see what that doujutsu is capable of. Then, again, we have the same repeating story of the "genius" and the "good for nothing". I'm sooo tired of it. I always envisioned the two sons as natural badasses...

Now there are a number of questions that arise:

-What about Hagoromo's brother? Who is he? What's his bloodline? Does he have rinnegan? Why does he look so much like current Madara?

-The sealing of thge Juubi: Hagoromo said they sealed the juubi within THEMSELVES, meaning that Hagoromo only divided his share of the juubi among the tailed beasts? If so, then what about the half of the juubi sealed in his brother?

-If Ashura is reincarnated in Naruto, then Indra will have to be in Sasuke. Then who might madara be? maybe Hagoromo's bro? They look so much alike.


ANyone noticed the resemblance between kaguya and the Dead God Reaper? They have the same horns, similar hair..and she was called a "demon". Maybe she created the jutsu.