It is pretty obvious that Enel is going to come back into the story at some point, probably a lot stronger then he was before. He probably won't show up in this arc, but I do think his return should soon. So because of this, and the fact that I have been rereading one piece, I think there are a lot of questions yet to be answered about this character that should be shown when he come back. For one, he is the only character in Skypea without wings, and instead has that drum thing on his back. Did he originally have wings and cut them off? Or did someone else cut them off when he was young? And speaking of him being young, Oda has never gone into any of Enel's back story, in fact he hasn't even drawn him as a child. From what I've seen Logia fruits are hard to get and often are obtained by either the government or powerful pirates. Enel's is said to be one of, if not the most, powerful of the logia, so him just finding it randomly seems suspicious. Also, if he is back on earth, has he run into people more powerful then himself? Even with his big ego Enel doesn't seem that stupid, so he probably will have to accept the government is more powerful then he is. And the final question, is he going to be working for himself or someone else? I think it would be an interesting twist to see someone being the Boss of Enel, probably be very funny too. I'm looking forward to his return, and hopefully some back story about him.