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    Naruto Chapter 669 Discussion/ 670 Predictions

    The chapter is now out.

    Mangapanda Version:

    Manga Stream Version:
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    Guy's 8th Gate is really putting a beating on Madara.... even in Sage Mode Madara can't keep up with him... but that makes me wonder... will Madara become stronger? Also that last panel with Naruto... he's not in Obito's Dimension so does that mean he's in the afterlife talking with the sage?
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    1. I think Madara will still get his missing Rinnegan back, one way or another.. so it's likely Madara WILL get stronger, but not necessarily to defeat Guy. I don't know how Guy's body will hold out for much longer, considering he struggled just to perform one complete Evening Elephant, so it's likely Madara will be able to tank hits for long enough to "defeat" the 8-Gates.

    2. A lot of people seem to think Naruto is about to meet the Sage. While it's a possibility, Naruto is clearly not in the "afterlife" so to speak, but in the Bijuu dimension (if the liquid is any indication). Therefore, I think he's having an inner meeting similar to when he spoke with Minato / Kushina's chakra. For a long time, we've wondered if the SO6P sealed part of his own Will into the Bijuu; perhaps one can only access that Will if the person has likewise inherited the Will of each of the Bijuu, themselves, hence why Madara/Obito did not meet with the SO6P when they became Juubi Jins.

    3. After a couple of slower weeks, this chapter delivers quite a bit of solid action. I can't wait to see this animated! It's the most DBZ-style chapter yet. Frankly, the whole Madara fight has felt increasingly Dragonball-esque all-around.

    4. I actually still hope that Sasuke arrives on the battlefield before Naruto. Perhaps Naruto can have a mini training arc in either the Bijuu dimension or the Kamui Dimension (somehow). I'd like for him to need to adjust to his new powers, thus building the hype and making the transition more believable. Sasuke, on the other hand, should just arrive and bust out new jutsu, along with Oro/Kabuto and Co. for reinforcements. Although maybe Sasuke will defeat Spiral Zetsu / Yamato first.

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    I don't see any need for Madara to get stronger, this is only temporary. But I think it's nice for Gai's honor to be able to do this much damage to Madara. I also never thought he'd be able to do this much damage to him either. This also shows that Madara isn't untouchable, which may come in handy later on.

    My guess is that the next couple of chapters will have Naruto waking up and returning to the battlefield with a new powerup, and come just in time to see Gai die. And Lee sobbing because of it. Which will trigger some speech on the importance of protecting your friends etc etc.

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    This was worth the build up chapter last week. I enjoyed seeing somebody finally land a decent few hits on Madara. He's definitely a tough bastard to be able to taunt Gai after receiving a beating like that. Seems like next week Madara will return the favour to Gai as Naruto begins the road to the hero's comeback and Sasuke will probably join the party in a fashionably late way.

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    The best part about this chapter is getting to see another good team battle. One of the things I have really liked about this war is the way it has shown how multiple characters can use their unique abilities in creative ways. Getting to see Minato come up with a strategy on the fly also adds to his character and adds some more credibility to his reputation as a genius.

    It was also good to see that Madara is still very much enjoying himself. If he was hurt too bad, it would be unbelievable. This is Madara we are talking about. I can appreciate that this is Gai's time to shine but based on what we have seen Madara do, even with Gai's power being 100 times stronger, Madara is still just too overpowered to be seriously threatened here. I like that Kishimoto seems to be aware of how powerful Madara is and isn't falsely powering him down just to make Gai look cool. Even with the help of Minato, Kakashi, Gara and Lee, Gai has still yet to any serious damage to Madara. Madara took a beating from all 9 tailed beasts and only lost an arm, so with the Bijuu, there should be no way that Gai can kill Madara as he is now.

    I thought the ending was a bit weird. Naruto suddenly awakening, looking like he is pretty much as good as new, based on his face anyway. I wonder what all Obito did to him? I suspect he did more than just give him the other half of the Kyuubi but it's difficult to say for sure. I am also wondering what will happen to Obito now, he still has black Zetsu attached to him and he also still has the Rinnegan. Since Madara is clearly going to want his other Eye, it will probably be safest for Obito to stay in his pocket dimension. I suspect that Madara will get the Rinnegan back though, one way or another. Obito probably doesn't have much strength left since he probably gave most of his remaining power to heal Naruto.

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    haha I liked how he was roughing Madara up

    - Was some great team work between all of them

    - Minato would be so much more bad ass if he could use his hands. I wonder if there is a way to fix the Edo tensei.

    - The end with Naruto was a bit abrupt

    What the hell are the other Kages doing?

    Overall it was a very cool chapter

    Fire type

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    Shitty translation is shitty. Tomon? Shimon? Hachimon Tonkou no Jin? Issoku/Nisoku/Sansoku/Yonsoku/Gosoku? Dairoku Keimon?

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    Is it just me or did Naruto wake up in his Bijuu consciousness? ...There's water there, and there's no water where Obito layed him down or anywhere in his dimension.

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    Your right Kiduka, he most likely woke up in his mindscape.
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