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    C'mon Son! OrochiKakaRiya's Avatar
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    I thought the chapter was cool. Toushiro is buggin out. Did he miss what happened to hyouri? Hopefully its a ice clone. I kinda respected him in this chapter, he said what they all really wanted to say. "I didnt come here to fight!!! I came here to fuck you up!!"

    Loved Shunsui in this chapter too. Seems like he's real fast, still cant touch Aizen though.
    He might as well have said "No comprenda if no tatas"

    Unohana better not disappoint if we ever see her fight. Shinji saying, it was better to bring her into battle, plus the way Hacchi looked at her, makes me think she's off the scale. The only person we havent seen look her as if they were scared is, Captin Commander. I wonder how he acts around her? Kinda think he might look at her the same way. Imagine that.

    Like someone else said, I thought the speeches were cool, not a lot of wasted ink. Above average for Bleach. Add the possibility that Toushiro might get chopped in half, this chapter earns a 4 in my book
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    Kick me high, hit me low, spit on me it's gonna take more than that to break my soul.

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    what is hitsugaya becoming brave lol this week has been alright for him 1st in the anime he tries control everyone and now he's talking to aizen as if he forgot what happened in C46 lol he might be my fave character but hmmm......

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    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Chapter was good!

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    Serial Killer Next Door LeaT's Avatar
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    I kind of enjoyed this chapter, albeit it felt a bit too short. I really liked Soi Fon's comment to Ichigo, and it feels that it's all coming down to the real showdown very soon. And Hitsugaya actually improved in my book, watching him loose his control was well worth it I think.
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    Senior Member kuroihikari's Avatar
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    The more I see Hitsugaya's bankai, the more I think he's gonna end up accidentally freezing someone.

    Hopefully it's Omaeda.

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    One thing that kinda is making a little bit mad - He keeps on laying the fact that only ichigo can kill aizen.. I mean, how many times now?

    It is starting to make me think someone else will end up doing it, just because its been pointed out so many times already. In like 10 chapters it has happened like 3 times..

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    Aizen taking on this many guys by himself seems a bit overkill but then again people never get exhausted in Bleach lol...

    - I liked the action and it felt like more was happening and not a lot of wasted space. Its good too see the 8th Squad captain get in there as well.

    - I wasnt that crazy about the dialog between Aizen and Histyuga it was kind of boring and lame.

    - I'm hoping Hitsyu is acting trying to make Aizen think hes loosing his temper in order to set up a trap

    - I'm getting tired of this image of Aizen being this unstoppable god that no one can touch I mean come on against this many captains he should sweat a little bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by spiro View Post
    lol @ HB

    When i saw the bankai on that page i thought for a fraction of a second that it was Aizen...oh well.
    Yea thats exactly what I was thinking until I turned the page I was oh sht hes getting serious but meh it just turned out to be Hitsyuga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedijuck View Post
    another chapter to show how cool aizen is...i can just see it now. the captains work real hard to get ichigo an opening and boom...hes cut in half by gin. cant wait to see how it all unfolds
    The funny things is, they are all working so hard right now, why dont they all go bankai together and start attacking?

    BTW, wheres' gin?
    Wheres Yamamoto?
    Wheres Urahara?

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    I can't wait!

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    bangin yo mama!!!
    also lets not forget captain ukitake juushiro

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