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    Oh wow. My post on this thread was "burrowed" by a blog:

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I'm glad it was Kabuto (Made all kinds of sense), and not the Elder Son (out of the Blue), or Shisui (no means of being re-vived). It is very difficult to see how Sasuke will not bet Rinnegans now. He has Hashirama's Chakra, , He has Hashirama's cells, and now he has Oro's Sage mode(?), plus Juugo's cells which can naturally use sage energy.

    So next week we will see Sasuke prepearig to join against Madara, my guess is that Sasuke will be on the level of Nagato (refreshed edo Nagato), aor even far greater since his Sharingans had greater potential thanMadara's to start with. Sasuke should be able to use Shinra Tensei and Summoning asteroids etc.

    I also think it will take another 2 chapters before Naruto returns, because I believe that Obito will not at first give naruto the Eight Tails and One Tails Chakra, but when he does, Naruto and the Baby Tailled beasts (except the Yang Kurama should be full grown), will have another talk with the Sage, or with his Mental energy. However, when Naruto returns He would Be on the level of the Younger Son WITH Tailed beasts.

    There still exists an opportunity for Naruto to get Rinnegans, either from Madara's left eye (which I hope not, since I want them destroyed, or with Obito's own Sharingan), although it is quite possible that he won't get either, and he'll justbecome a super charged Youngerson.

    Maybe when Naruto and Sasuke stand side by side next time and Naruto is usingJuubi Chakra Mode, this effect might resonate in Sasuke and boost him up with extra life force.

    All in all I am not disappointed, too bad we have to wait Yet Another Week...

    I'm a little amused, and was not expecting that.

    Anyhow, thinking more about this chapter 667, it does seem as though Obito and Madara are having more trouble with the ninjas than would be expected. I am certain that this is because of Naruto/Kurama with Obito, and because of arrogance and not wanting to destroy or harm the left eye Rinnegan, by Madara. Never-the-less, I want to know how guy stopped Madara's Black Sphere from hitting Kakashi. The Sphere should have destroyed Guy's foot or whatever else he used to block it. If you think about it, Guy should not be able to do anything against Madara if Madara uses God Realm powers like Shinra-Tensei.
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