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    I have a feeling that they next episode is going to be a bit weird.

    This episode was ok, i thought.

    I never understand why when someone starts doing something amazing there is always the like 30 seconds of awe before even considering of helping them... It seems to happen in most mangas/anime... You'd think seeing as they have been fighting all their life they would have overcome that.. But i guess there is less dramatic effect then.. I mean, why start helping byukaya right away when we can watch him for 30 seconds and see if he actually needs our help? :-/

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    Ok im gona do this the POW way:

    - Did Komamura try to do a kenpachi when talking to Kira and Omaeda?

    - Lol at all the shinigami's screaming to realease their reiatsu and Byakuya just quietly doing his thing

    - Is Rukia no longer a shinigami? why was she watching with chad and the rest when her people were fighting. kmt

    - Even though he only got shown once,Wabisuke has one badass pose.

    - Iwas expecting Kenpachi to show up when the menos started pouring out of superchunky from hell. hehe

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    Subaku no Arabasta!!!

    This is a new Fansub group who have started to sub Bleach. For those who bitches about DB being Translating the attacks, I recommend to use this sub because they've kept the attacks untranslated. Plus they do a good quality .

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    was an ok episode but to me was a little bit boring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burakku☆Sutā View Post
    was an ok episode but to me was a little bit boring.
    +1 qft.., it was a bit boring


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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    +1 qft.., it was a bit boring
    Agreed, not a really good episode at all, but next week is suppose to be the close of the filler I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burakku☆Sutā View Post
    was an ok episode but to me was a little bit boring.

    Not the greatest episode, but was still okay.

    @Burakku, what manga is your signature from?
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