It was awhile since there was any other thread created in this section beside pertaining to a new chapter, so here it is .

Now, what's it about ? First of here is little wiki page: on which there is a list of the El-themed names and their meaning. Yep, those are likely the inspiration for the names of the Quincy's Complete Holy Form (CHF) and/or their powers. Here is a list in a spoiler (it might be incomplete and some translations might be off from the looks of it ):

From the known Complete Holy Forms we have:
- As Nodt - Tartar Foras - Fear of God - though he could simply use Iruel which is (supposedly) the same but shorter ,
- Opie - Biskiel - Justice of God - there are those that pertain to the punishment (Daniel) for example or to righteousness (Zadkiel),
- Gun-Quincy - Grimaniel - Walk of God.

Now up to guessing/predicting:
- Bazz-B - Uriel - Fire of God - pretty easy to guess ;p,
- NaNaNa -Arael - Vision of God, or Adiel – Witness of God - his equipment as well as what he was saying about observing,
- Shaz - Cassiel – Speed of God,
- Berenice - Salatheel – I have asked God, or Eliana – My God Answers - she was asking questions as part of her power,
- Candice - Barakiel – Lightning of God, or Ramiel – Thunder of God - because of her seemingly lightning/thunder motive,
- Bambietta - Ananiel – Rain of God - well she was raining bombs ,
- Jerome - Gaghiel – Roaring Beast of God - he was turning into a beast and roaring,
- Cang Du - Castiel – Shield of God - he supposedly had supreme defense ,
- Mask - Azael – Whom God Strengthens, or Ezekiel – God will Strengthen - well he was power upping half of the time ,
- Royd and Loyd - Mishael – Who is what God is? (a question) - their power revolved around impersonating others,
- Eye Quincy - Tzaphkiel – Beholder of God - they called him Bach's eye or something,
- Haschwalth (this one is hard) - Peniel – Face of God - something about him donning the mask of ruler when Bach sleeps,
- Uryu (this one as well) - Yisrael - Struggles with God or Prince of God - because of the prince of light motive as well as Uryu's struggle against Bach,
- Askin - Bethel – House of God - because of his "territory" and door/dimension power.

As one can notice, many of the Quincy's power can be clearly described by those names, like the Roaring Beast, or the Question and probably more (like Thunder and Heat, Iron etc.), though their Holy Forms might have different names ;p.

Also there is also the, Suriel – Moon of God, perhaps reserved for Ichigo .

Of course, everyone is free to discuss or post their own ideas/predictions regarding the names of their forms or what names are associated with their powers and comments , or not . Well it seemed interesting enough anyway so I posted it.