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Sasuke and Naruto becoming more pure like the sons of the Sage.... I think that's the route Kishi is going for... Naruto getting the GM's Arm will make him more Senju/Younger Son Like and for Sasuke I feel like Kabuto or Juugo cells will make him more Elder son like. I have a feeling Sage Mode will play a big part for both of them.
I'm not sure why you would think that, when they are far from pure. Heck, Sasuke currently hosts the power of 3 bloodlines, of 3 energies, he is far from being like any of the sons and Naruto himself currently also hosts (a portion of) the power of nearly all Bijuu... it actually looks like Naruto is becoming the embodiment of So6p the Jinchurki and Sasuke becoming the embodiment of So6p pre-Jinchurki, thus they will be the dual-type saviors, each embodying the difference faces of So6p.

Not to mention that Naruto was a Jinchuriki form the start and Sasuke himself gained a CS way before fully awakening his Sharingan, so they were hardly ever pure (not long after loosing CS he gained quite a bit of Juugo's cells which should have been even better).