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Really ? I actually had hopes for him, especially when he was originally introduced as Hatake Kakashi's arch enemy/rival on the evil side. Oro even said that Kabuto and Kakashi were at the same level at the beginning in the part one. Their duels were meant to be quite interesting, seeing as one's soul (energy) was being constantly eaten/depleted by his eye, while the other was constantly healing his body, not to forget the similar hair color, plus both of them even having a jutsu that made their bare hands extremely deadly (their first meeting also suggested that). In time, one got the MS (or rather realized that he had it all along) while the other got the SM.

Of course it seems that it was cut out in the end, heck Kabuto even became a testing dummy for one of Naruto's jutsu... still, Kabuto did manage to get a showdown against the MS and fought it with his SM, but Kakashi never got the chance to face the SM, instead he had quite a lot of fights against other doujutsu users.
I agree, I have always had high hopes for Kabuto. In many ways he is the longest running antagonist but also, Kabuto's motives have always been complex. In the Chuunin Exam he was playing both sides but he actually showed a genuine interest in Naruto's development. He also showed hints of having some latent power in his blood (something that, at the time, made me think that he might also be a Jinnchuuriki). I still think it would have been interesting if he had turned out to be the 8-tails jinnchuuriki.

Even though he was allied with Orochimaru, Orochimaru himself seemed uncertain of Kabuto's loyalty which I found very interesting. To a certain extent it seemed almost like he was using Orochimaru. No one ever seemed to understand exactly what Kabuto was up to, and that made me think he always had a big end game of his own. I still hope that turns out to be the truth in some way.

Kabuto also showed an interesting side when he fought Naruto during the Sanin battle. He criticized Naruto for being naive about his power and also criticized him for relying too much on the Kyuubi's power. It was interesting though that Kabuto actually seemed a little bit pleased when Naruto was able to hit him with the Rasengan, it was almost like he was glad to see Naruto grow. Kabuto always seems to be amused, even when things don't go the way he expected. Another example, was when he confronted Naruto after he had began to merge with Orochimaru's body and gave Naruto his information about Akatsuki.

Kabuto is one of the only characters who has a strong connection to almost all of the major Protagonists and Antagonists of the series. He is closely connected to Naruto, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Danzou, Akatsuki, Obito, Itachi and even Madara. Kabuto was the first major villain to be introduced and he has played a part in almost all the major conflicts throughout the series. I think he deserves to play a big role.

I agree, that Kabuto shouldn't simply become "one of the good guys" I think Kabuto's change should be about him becoming his own person and seeking to obtain his goals in his own way. I want to see exactly what his old plans were and I want to see his new take on those plans now that he has been forced to reevaluate his life. I don't think it should have been a matter of him being simply good or evil. Kabuto like many of the best characters in the series, should be more complicated than that.