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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 664 Discussion/ 665 Predictions

    The chapter is now out.

    Mangapanda Version

    Manga Stream Version

    Geez, Madara is such a boss. Oh these things? Sure whatever lol But...I hope this isn't the answer Kishimoto came up with. If Madara ends up being sealed by one of the two, it would be so anticlimactic, and I would be gravely disappointed.

    On the other hand, it looks like the mysterious figure is NOT Kabuto! Neither Orochimaru nor Karin recognized the chakra, and they both spent lots of time with him. It can't be someone too huge, like say the sage, otherwise Karin would have noticed the overwhelming chakra, but all the same, I no longer think it is Kabuto (unless his turning of a new leaf resulted in his chakra changing. Kindve like Sasuke's change, but in reverse). Also, I'm not quite sure, but did black Zetsu also steal the Yang half of the Kyuubi?? If so, I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how Naruto survives.

    2014 may very well be the year of Naruto.
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