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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    Hmm... that is also an interesting theory. Come to think of it, Doflamingo bought Sugar from somewhere instead of recruiting her, which implies she might not be as loyal to him as the rest of his family. Trebol might have been put by her side to make sure she doesn't betray Doflamingo. This also means she was probably sold as a slave, probably at Doflamingo's very own slave shop. And if she is indeed a slave then it is possible she has some connection to Koala, as they are very likely the same age.
    Your source for this statement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    Your source for this statement?
    I'll see if I can find it. For all I know it could have been a mistranslated, but I will look anyway.
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    Just want to say, every DF user who has been knocked unconscious had their power deactivated. Enel, Moria, Van Der Dekan, Jora. Read the wiki article with this post to understand what defines Unconsciousness: Hint; it's not sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    I'm still confused on where you think Inazuma/his DF is superior to Diamante/his DF. Are you seriously arguing because Inazuma can turn into scissors that he is better lol By structure I meant that he could restructure the appearance and weight of an object into something that still retained is natural characteristics, like toughness or sharpness.

    Overall it appears that these two DFs are cut from the same cloth...See what I did there?
    they both have the same power, turn something into a cloth like material. Diamante can't change his cape into steel (which is what I think your thinking). He just had a piece of steel and made it flow like material and wore it like a cape. I don't think his power is what made his sword into a bull (which I think you thought he did with his DF power), he just made it soft and then used hand technique or skill or something to form it into a bull head, turned it back to solid steel and hit them with it. He didn't do anything to the weight of anything or structure, just made whatever he touched into a flag or w/e then made it into whatever he wanted.

    Inazuma can do all those things as well but in addition he can turn into scissors and cut the rock or steel or whatever he made into material. Diamante couldn't do that, steel would still be steel for him, his sword would be like a ribbon in form but only inazuma could cut it.
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