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Also we see Uryu joined to revenge his mother but now he is in quite the predicament xD
Nah, well at least I don't think so. The Shrift is merely a part of Bach's Soul and Quincy's power, especially the power of their arrows, are capable of completely annihilating the soul. In other words a pin-pointed Quincy arrow into the part of the soul where the shrift is imprinted should be enough to remove it, not to mention that it was suggested that Quincy (especially the Ishida family) posses other purifying techniques that can remove Hollow-viruses from them (as implied in Ishin's back story), so those should also work for other foreign matter.

It's possible that Ryuken might have been preparing for this all along and had only recently incorporated Uryu into his plan.

Now that it was revealed that Bach can live eternally as long as he continues to absorb souls, does it mean that the "successor" was a lie all along ? That neither Haschwalth nor Uryu were meant to become the next Emperor, because there is no need for that at all (seeing as he can live as long as he absorb souls) ? Doesn't this mean that he lied to his own subordinates, seeing as some other Quincy believed that Hashwalth should be next one and yet Jugram himself clearly knows that there is no such thing... so, currently only Uryu and Jugram know the truth about Bach and their standing (which is nothing more than fresh meat, spare blood, delicious souls), so are they going to simply accept it, or a rebellion is already in motion ?