Kurama's other half is still a valid choice, even with what Kushina said.... it could be that a hostile tailed beast resealed kills the host, because they have no chakra left to fight it, and seal it within? Also the Sharingan has some type of affect on the Juubi's Body? Also that leads to the Juubi's arm being sealed within Naruto... for the Tug of war crap... I still didn't like it the first time, but oh well... Once someone dies there chakra vanishes so that leads me to believe the only way for a possible tug of war is that Naruto gets part of the Juubi's Body sealed within him. OR The DNA Sword might appear again... and make the DNA of Both Sasuke and Naruto like that of the Sage's children? There's still the matter of the Juubi's Fruit.... maybe once the Juubi is back it will bear its fruit and anyone who eats it again will get the juubi's power again and steal it from Madara?