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    Kurama's other half is still a valid choice, even with what Kushina said.... it could be that a hostile tailed beast resealed kills the host, because they have no chakra left to fight it, and seal it within? Also the Sharingan has some type of affect on the Juubi's Body? Also that leads to the Juubi's arm being sealed within Naruto... for the Tug of war crap... I still didn't like it the first time, but oh well... Once someone dies there chakra vanishes so that leads me to believe the only way for a possible tug of war is that Naruto gets part of the Juubi's Body sealed within him. OR The DNA Sword might appear again... and make the DNA of Both Sasuke and Naruto like that of the Sage's children? There's still the matter of the Juubi's Fruit.... maybe once the Juubi is back it will bear its fruit and anyone who eats it again will get the juubi's power again and steal it from Madara?

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    There's a new interview out. Story wise, he plans on revealing Kakashi's face, and when Naruto ends, all will be supposedly be said and done (No plans for a continuation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by janfeae View Post
    There's a new interview out. Story wise, he plans on revealing Kakashi's face, and when Naruto ends, all will be supposedly be said and done (No plans for a continuation)
    "Hey, put, in more ideas ahead of time that can be expanded on later. Otherwise you're gonna be in trouble" LOL, very funny kishi.
    We at mangashare have a few.

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    We're on the eve of the new chapter. The big question is how Naruto will be revived, and wheteher there will be any other worldly meetings with SO6P or his sons.

    On the question of how he would be revived, here are some ideas:

    1) Obito could use the Rinnegan again, to bring him back
    2) Someone could transfer there own life force to Naruto like Chiyoba of the sand did. Incidentally Sakura saw the transfer and may have learnt it.
    3) The Rinnegan's Narak Path's King of Hell Technique.
    3) Minato could seal his own life force into Naruto, being that they are compatible, and The Yin Kurama could come for the ride
    4) The Bijuu Chakras given to Naruto were already inside him before Yang Kurama was snatched, These could integrate their life forces into Naruto and spring him back to life, they just need Yin Kurama to become complete. What I like about this is that The SO^P had a fantastic life force because he was integrated with the Juubi is power all his life and before conception. If the Bijuus (all nine) become Naruto's integrated Life-Force, it could potentially boost him up to the Younger Son's level

    When I think about the story, it seem to me that there are obvious facts and pathways that Kishi has painted into the picture:-

    The Chakras donated to Naruto have a reason. So also does Minato's revival, So also does Obito's Hanging on to life. It will be very exciting to see how Kishi ties these things all up as the story unfolds.

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