I personally liked the chapter. I don't think Kubo will leave anyone to wayside since he's ending Bleach, I think he's just getting everybody who's gonna play an important part established. It makes since because we don't know who the rest of the war potentials are and since he brought back the Fullbringers back, they're probably gonna have a slight advantage since they're neither Shinigami or Quincy. Their powers are something of an dB X-factor. If they get in on this, they're gonna do some serious damage. Especially Tsukishima. His Fullbring was devastating enough, add Ginjo, who's almost as strong as Ichigo and the Time Fullbringer, and you got a slaughter on your hands. I wonder if they'll bring back the kid who could create dimensions. He could be brought in to create mismatches between the Shinigami and the Quincy. On a personal note, I would love to see Haineko and Tobiume in Bankai mode. Matsumoto and Minori worked together pretty well against the Three Beasts and I think if they used Bankai versions of their tag team moves, they could either incapacitate and kill at least a couple hundred Quincy foot soldiers easily. Another thing I'm wondering is if Kira is dead or not. I just think it's weird how his spiritual energy disappeared but yet he isn't among the dead. I think he was a painless war potential and they grabbed him up real quick before he could become a problem for them. Wabisuke was a pretty powerful Shikai in its own right and I think if he gained a Bankai he would've slaughtered the Quincy. I wanna see Shuhei's Bankai before this is over, plus, I'm curious what Yachiru Shikai is. I wanna see her fight also.