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    Naruto Naruto 660 Discussion / 661 Predictions

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    Well, bye bye Kyuubi.

    ....You know, as much as I like how they are giving the Bijuu personalities, I miss the day when Shukaku was probably the scariest thing in Naruto. Now he just seems really petty and more of a brat then a monster.
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    Well Naruto is on his way to become new SO6P. I see no other thing for Kurama to ask from Gaara except Shukaku's chakra. Naruto had the chakre of all bijuus except 8 and 1 tails. Now he has a tentacle and when Gaara gives his chakra he is ready to roll.

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    Maybe Naruto will die, and he'll meet with Rikudou in the pure world, where they'll have a good converstaion. Then Obito, as his last act will resurrect naruto

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    Yay i can post again after what seemed like entire eastern coast of Australia was blocked for some reason.

    Hhhhmmm...i certainly didnt see that coming and i dont know if i like Kurama being taken, he has been part of Naruto for so long and is just not the same without the new friendly Kurama. We know he can survive for a while without him but in a very weakened state (assuming he is like his Mom). So i kind of think Kurama told Gaara that Naruto will need the Yin part of the Kyuubi sealed immediately or he would possibly die. I dont think the old adage that the bijuu and the Jinuchiriki take time to acclimatize to each other in this case though.

    As much as i really hate to suggest it now (and i do hate to suggest it as i dont like the idea) but perhaps Naruto will get the other Rinnegan from Obito. Perhaps that would keep him alive? My thinking is that Obito has a major hard on for Naruto, he is an Uzumaki who can awaken the Rinnegan, but the major kicker is that he is the only one who has fought a Rinnegan user a number of times, and he knows the techniques - as shown by him knowing that Obito was not using Rinnetensei from the handseals. Sure Kakashi, Sakura, shikamaru, etc know the main techniques, but they have no where near the experience that Naruto does with it or the capacity to use it. Sasuke does not need it, and i cant think of anyone else besides Naruto would should be given such power. Either that or it is destroyed.
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    So, this one and the previous chapter happened in a like a few seconds or what ? Or is there another reason to why no one else comes to aid them, like the second army of the White Zetsu that had appeared and is blocking their way, or Madara's Kage Bunshins ?

    What about the collection of Sharingans and Hashirama Cells (with Tenzou/Yamato in it) ?

    So Garaa still has a bit of Shukaku's chakra in him, or is Kurama asking to return the life that he obtained thanks to Naruto ? Either way, looks like Naruto is about to be reincarnated.

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    This must be where Minato and his half of the Kyubi comes in.

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    - Yep we needed to see Shukaku's story since he was the only one left out

    - I noticed the 8 tails cut of one od his legs I bet KB used the same trick he used on Sasuke.

    - I wonder what Kurama asked of Gaara ?

    - the other Kurama is inside of Minato can probably be infused inside of Naruto to save his life I bet

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    I wonder if the Kyuubi was really extracted? I noticed that the 8-tails chopped off a tentacle, like POW said, it could be like when Killerbee was fighting Sasuke. The Kyuubi could have pulled a similar trick. Also, its possible that Naruto wouldn't die right away, even if the Kyuubi was extracted, what with the powerful Uzumaki lifeforce, like his mother survived for a while after having the Kyuubi extracted.

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