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So Sanji could hold his own against Vergo, might not of been using his full haki too (just speculating) and Zoro could own Mone, I guess the next step down in power would be Franky and Brooke but I feel like they should be able to clean the floor with those special forces, at least 3 of them and then leave the aces to the powerful 3 zoro, Sanji, Luffy. Hmm all these possible match ups are so enticing, either way I cant wait for the fight to break out.
While I love the idea of the three top seated facing the MT, Sanji already is headed to Zou so he's unfortunately out. That being said, Luffy and Zoro also have their hands full with Doflamingo and Isshou. This is definitely a time for the rest of the crew to show their metal, but a question I have is how is Franky going to improve in the story from here? We've already seen his super ultimate attack in his Radical Beam, and while it was nice to see his Coup de Vent is now one of his lesser more powerful attacks, where does he go in terms of strength from here? Unlike other crew members who can adapt and create a new attack, what is Franky going to add, quite possibly literally, to his cyborg self to continue to transcend his current level? A similar dilemma seemingly revolves around Chopper, who, though he could yet bust out new "Points," has already shown us his pre-timeskip best in Monster Point. Just a musing or two, but it will definitely be interesting to see how the crew matches up from here on out. In all likelihood, Luffy and Zoro will face Doflamingo and Isshou (maybe Zoro faces Pica as he appears to be at the palace as well), Franky faces Trebol, and Sabo, assuming he does beat out the other three combatants for the Mera Mera, faces Diamonte.