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    ok i want the first spoiler to be true!! that last one is too bleachy... i wanna see luffy get the aprooval of the new world pirates, win garp, free ace, and see sengokus DF...

    let it be ODA sensei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echotraveler View Post
    ok i want the first spoiler to be true!! that last one is too bleachy... i wanna see luffy get the aprooval of the new world pirates, win garp, free ace, and see sengokus DF...

    let it be ODA sensei.
    yeah the second one is kinda gay and luffy cant keep getting knocked around like this.Ever since they got to the new world luffy gets smashed in every fight with the exception of 1 or 2.

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    Sounds good, hope its not fake.

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    I can't wait!

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    bangin yo mama!!!
    source: 2ch, jjt
    credit: id:jq7enszk0, idol
    verification: confirmed

    translation by ahoige_ap on arlong park


    chapter 571: The execution stand

    ???: It's garp, the "hero"!
    Inazuma: The bridge is.... Falling!!
    Ivankov: Do something about it, strawhat boy!!
    Garp: I've been fighting pirates long before you were born!!

    garp: If you want to get through here, do so over my dead body!! "strawhat luffy"!!!
    Garp: That is the path you both chose!!!
    Ace: Gramps...

    Garp (younger): Don't be so spoiled!! You're gonna become a stronger marine than anyone!!
    With an attitude like that, you'd be killed by the pirates in an instant!!

    luffy: I can't do that grampa, please get out of my way!!!
    Garp: If you can't, then it means ace dies!!!
    Luffy: No, i don't want to!!!
    Garp: Many unwanted things happen in the world, despite your wishes!!! I won't go easy on you!!!
    Garp: Luffy... I declare you an enemy of mine!!!

    ace (flashback): After all this... I now value my own life!!
    (garp closes his eyes)
    sengoku: Garp!!!

    onigumo: Vice admiral garp!!?
    Sengoku: You're still a parent afterall, garp...!!

    ???: Pops!!!!

    hancock (flashback): Take this... It's the key to your brother's cuffs!
    Luffy: Hang in there for a sec, i have the keys!!
    Ace: Luffy you...!!?
    Marine a: Look, fleet admiral sengoku is using his ability!!
    Marine b: This is the first time i've seen it!!

    sengoku: Wait!! Don't you think i'll let you off!!!
    Ace: ...!? Sengoku!!?

    Luffy: No!!! The key!!!
    Va strawberry: Take aim!!!
    Luffy: Aaaahhh!!! No, the key!!
    Mr3: .... Uh.....!!
    Mr3: ...!! What was that... I suddenly lost my conciousness....!!
    Luffy: What the!? "3"!!! What are you doing here!!?
    Sengoku: I'll execute you by my own hands!!!
    Luffy: Gomu gomu..... Oh hey, "3", protect ace with your wall
    mr3: Gyaaaaa!!!! What the hell is that thing!!?? Gyaaaaaaa!!!!

    luffy: Giant balloon!!!
    Sengoku: !!?

    Mr3: Candle wall!!
    Sengoku: He can grow large!!?

    Marine: The execution stand is falling!!
    Pirate?: What just happened!? Ace isn't dead yet!!

    ???: We're falling!!
    Mr3: I'll make the key!! I'll get those cuffs off right away!!
    Luffy: Gotcha!!
    Pirate: Captain buggy!! That's our brother mr3
    buggy: Why!!?
    Marines: Shoot them!!! Blow them away along with the stand!!!

    bon-chan (flashback): Make sure and save your brother!!!
    Mr3: If i told you the reason i'm here... Is to fulfill my fallen comrade's wishes... Would you laugh at me?
    Luffy: I course i wouldn't!!!
    Mr3: Save your brother, strawhat!!!
    Kizaru?: Oh no!!

    Whew, now give me all your cookies.
    I'll leave it up to some other mod to edit the first post.

    who would have thought... That galdino would be gar
    he's in it for bon-chan! Hell yeah, give that man a medal.

    Page 16-7:
    Marine: Firefist is in his solid form, he can't possibly be alive!!
    Marine: huh!? There's a tunnel of flames in the explosion!!

    Ace: You're always like that, Luffy!! You never listen to what I say... and dash in headstrong!!
    Pirates: AAAACCCEE!!!
    Luffy: AAAACCEE!!!
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    this is epic.
    garp let luffy hit him, luffy "hit" sengokou, and now ace free.
    sorry for my bad english

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    Sweet Ace is free. Interested to see if he'll get involved in the fight or if they'll just run for it.

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    That was just awesome......

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    Now that he is free, the battle is slightly even. Naturally, the marines have the upper hand with Sengoku joining the battle. Then again, the key to turning this battle around is the annoying admirals.

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    I cant wai to find out more about Sengoku those pics make him look like a fat superman with his ability

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    from the picture it seems that garp closes his eyes when luffy about to hit him... and luffy doesnt seems to hold back his punch towards garp..

    i know this things doesnt happen in the manga.. but i still wonder if something bad happen to garp because of luffy punch (dead perhaps or maybe garp will be executed instead replacing ace) will he feel sorry??
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