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    wow... if this is real... its awesome.

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    OMG this is so awesome!!!! i love this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ichigonator View Post
    Cant make up my mind, may be real , mayb fake..
    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Floyd View Post
    It doesn't sound fake... and it also sounds awesome, I hope it's the real thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by eXplosiveMind View Post
    i know what it sounds... it sounds like something expected from oda, considering the source of the spoiler, i would say legit spoiler!
    Quote Originally Posted by eleven11 View Post
    wow... if this is real... its awesome.
    As most of you know I hate fake spoilers so here are details of the conversation that led to Bucek posting.

    [20:16] <Haros> wtf there are OP spoilers out
    [20:16] <bucek> nowai!
    [20:16] <bucek> omg
    [20:16] <bucek> going to read
    [20:17] <bucek> that apprentice must be someone close to Oda, I assume

    [20:17] <bucek>
    [20:18] <Haros> thsv: i wouldnt usually read them but they were posted at ap forums so i went WTF
    [20:19] <bucek> man, this is awesome~~~~
    [20:19] <Phixion> quickly Haros
    [20:19] <Phixion> go post them on MS
    [20:19] <Phixion> HURRY

    [20:30] <bucek> Mister_Death, OP spoilers are out
    [20:30] <ninja> lol, long time no see \o
    [20:30] <Mister_Death> i saw
    [20:30] <bucek> you'll shit in your pants
    [20:30] <bucek> :O
    [20:31] <Mister_Death> yep
    [20:34] <bucek> so, as I said, that Apprentice must be someone close to Oda
    [20:35] <bucek> Wait, thsv, the verification should be pending ;__;
    [20:35] <bucek> some guys tend to impersonate Apprentice
    [20:36] <bucek> and it's impossible to find out if they're real or not
    [20:39] <thsv> so change the status to pending
    [20:39] <thsv> and i promise not to buttseck you if its a fake

    Bucek's butthole hasn't been violated yet......
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    new spoiler uploaded .. not confirmed .. hope fully translation will be uploaded soon


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    Im trapped in Kakashis Kamui jutsu with Deidaras arm
    wow that will be awesome if its real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serven7 View Post

    quick summary translation=It is very similar to the previous spoilers in which Garp starts fighting Luffy but in the end he says he just cant because it is his grandson.......i assume its fake because it was fake like the previous spoilers

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    I think the last spoiler was fake, it's too naivee for luffy and garp
    sorry for my bad english

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    Translation to the above post
    garp vs luffy

    luffy: ...!! (pant pant) let me pass! Gramps!!

    garp: Be quiet!! I am a Marine Vice Admiral!!!

    luffy: at any rate... !! you will let me pass!! (pant) Old Man!!

    luffy stretches his arm: Gomu gomu no... !

    (Garp moves at high speed and knocks luffy in the air)

    Ace: Luffy!! ... Gramps!!

    Luffy lands

    white beard: that guy... Garp the hero... he beat the boy...!!

    iva: Straw... Strawhat boy!!
    sengoku: ...hmph

    scene change

    Crocodile vs Mihawk

    mihawk: sorry... straw-hat luffy
    crocodile: !! Straw hat!!

    scene change: luffy

    luffy: dammit.. just a little more and I can rescue ace..!
    (what was it that I just got hit with? Was that the "haki" .. ?)

    garp: What will I do!! Do you understand our situation !!!
    luffy: (pant) gramps!!
    garp: ...? hmm...?
    luffy : Over there... I must...

    garp: You brat!!
    (Garp raises his fist)
    grap: You will speak to me as your Grandpa!!

    luffy: (pant)...gear two!!

    iva: be careful! strawhat-boy! You will weaken and this is the hero of the marines: Garp!!

    white beard: ... brat ...!
    Aokiji: Ji-san.. are you serious?
    kizaru: Oooo...

    luffy vs garp:
    luffy: gomu gomu no...
    garp: !?
    luffy: jet pistol!!
    garp stops the attack one handed

    luffy: what?
    (garp grabs luffy's arm and pulls him in)

    luffy: Waa...aa!

    ace: luffy! Oh no!!
    iva: A..aa!!
    Whitebeard: ...!!

    Garp: Take that.. !!

    luffy: i..!!

    garp: Hmph!! (he halts his fist.. but then FX!!)
    luffy: (!!?)
    luffy: !!
    luffy gets hit

    luffy spews blood while breathing very heavily

    garp: you, if only you became a marine... you, you chose to become a pirate!! I already..

    luffy: gramps!

    iva rushes over to try to help

    iva: Strawhat boy!

    croc: strawhat, (pant)... dammit!

    hawkeyes: Is this the king's end? strawhat luffy?

    whitebeard: (coughs) (falls over from his sickness)

    whitebeard: ... brat... !

    whitebeard pirates and co. : Pops... dammit! pops has...!

    new world captains are helping strawhat

    ace: stop it! stop it gramps!!

    garp: I see, in the end... leaving you in dadan's hands was a mistake...
    luffy: ...dammit

    sengoku: finish him garp!

    Right when garp was about to hit luffy...

    tears FX...

    sengoku: ...!? ... Garp?

    white beard, the three admirals, iva, seven warlords: !!?

    garp: ...
    luffy: !? .. huh?
    sengoku: ... what are you doing? GARP!!
    garp: "I can't do it... " Garp cries

    sengoku is surprised at his change of character

    garp: What is the reason why you become a pirate? why did you become the enemy? I... truly cannot hit my grandchild!

    sengoku: fool! you are garp! "the hero of the marines"!

    garp: I know, I know but...

    everybody ...!!?

    luffy: Gr... Gramps!!?

    the end

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    Holy.. I spaced out while reading. It's soo damn epic, I was even listening to music and all that shit stopped I was soo concentrated on ready omg wow just wow.
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