ok, hopefully you guys can help me with this. there is a manga i read and for the life of me i forgot to bookmark it and i can't remember the name. The manga is the action with comedy mixed in type, deals with mostly magic/wizard theme. the main character is a 15yr old or so that is in an academy and transforms to an older version of himself when he goes out to mission. he wears all black and he is one of those strong characters. one day he got called to the head office that he is being sent undercover to another magic school to protect a royal wizard family's son that is being called a monster or something and to find out why he is being called that and to essentially protect him. Close to the beginning of the manga he was on a mission with another female magician to go pull another wizard pants down and later in that scene, it all chaos broke loose. hopefully somebody get the idea of the manga am talking about and remembers the name or link to it. would help out a lot.