Now after reading the mangastream version, it's worth mentioning a few things.

S-ritter was able to break Kensei's bones and Bankai (yep his Bankai got shattered -left bottom panel) only after the second applause (this makes him the 3rd Quincy to have directly destroyed a Bankai). This might mean that he might have been able to power up and store/stack it up it indefinitely, just like the O-ritter, though in S's case, it seems to work more intensively (though seeing the intensity of it's working, it probably power ups him for a limited time). The applause also heals any damage that was dealt to him.

From a technical stand point, S's power is actually very Quincy like. The only difference is that instead of absorbing reishi, he absorbs the feelings, roars and applause of his audience. In other words, his fighting style still bases on absorbing something and turning it into his own strength/power.

Seeing as Rose could move (barely) with a hole in his chest, it's possible that Kira also survived his own hole in the chest (doesn't seem like it, but you never know in those kinds of stories ). Someone better use the Orihime Card, so that we could see Rose in H2-From ;P.

I wonder when the Quincy that Ukitake faced will be revealed (we only see him from behind top panel). Is he the same one that Rukia fought against, or a different one ?

So we have a confirmation that only Ichigo's Zanpakutou was completely remodeled. Well from the beginning only their Bankais were meant to be reforged, but the situation with Ichigo's Zan was a bit different.