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I never gave much thought to why so many of Doffy's subordinates are willing to give their lives for his twisted schemes. I think it just comes down to his terrifying way of being, he is very unforgiving of weakness and betrayal. Just look at Jola when Law let her go she ran in the opposite direction as fast as her chubby legs could carry her because she knew Doflamingo would tear her a new one for failing in the mission she was assigned. And yet there is more to it in the case of Vergo and Monet, more than just fear of letting down the boss, they were loyal due to a fondness they felt towards him and I guess it was reciprocated by his appreciation of their loyalty and competency. With Bellamy I assume it to be much the same, he seems to literally love that asshole despite the brutality that he has faced as a result of failure to complete a mission.
It would be interesting to see how many of his underlings will still feel such loyalty towards him if he ends up losing to Luffy or even if he is simply stripped of his shichibukai title as one can't underestimate the usefulness of being able to operate freely as a pirate with minimal interference from the navy.
Ever since Vergo told Law that he didn't know about DD's past and that would ultimately cost him. It was pretty much implied that DD was a Tenryuubito. So I've always looked at it as Servants serving their master. Although is it really that far-fetched to believe that a subordinate would pledge their lives for their Captain,Master? Zoro is a very prideful man and twice now he's prepared himself to throw that pride away for the sake of his Captain.

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First, damn whatever glitch has infected the Edit/Reply/Reply with Quote/Multi-quote bar after you've posted once. I apologize for the double post. That said, ^you're preferring Doflamingo as this manipulative (in the manner in which he took over Dressrosa) savior of sorts who demands loyalty? I'd be okay with this, except I still believe Luffy, assuming he defeats Doflamingo this arc (which I'm still not convinced of happening), will become what Doflamingo is to Bellamy. It just seems too inevitable.
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