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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    There are, I believe, three pieces of compelling evidence to indicate that it's Sabo:
    1. The scarf worn by the stranger on page 15, look like Sabo's, both when he was a child, and on the front page of Chapter 596.
    2. They specifically show Ace's grave, focusing on the 3 sake cups, mirroring the drinking ceremony that Luffy, Ace and Sabo performed when they became brothers.
    3. The revolutionary army was there the day that Sabo "died". If he was saved from the Tenryubito attack, it makes sense that it's the revolutionary army that saved him.
    4. (less compelling than the others, but...) Who else would Luffy cry about for such an extended period of time?
    You stated this very well, kudos. I can't wait to see Sabo's updated look & fighting power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    How do you guys know its sabo?
    There would be no other reason for Luffy to literally burst out in tears, say "I thought you were dead", and then for Oda to show the picture of the 3 cups which symbolized the 'brotherhood' of Ace/Luffy/Sabo.

    There was also the line by that girl which was something like "you aren't crying are you, what could you had done if you had been there".

    If it is Sabo I still think it's utter BS that he didn't go try to save Ace, Luffy went to hell and back just to make it to Marineford (literally, he had to re-grow all of his internal organs and still was fighting), Sabo could had been there MUCH easier. So idk, I will most likely never like his character.. unless there is a very very very good/convenient explanation of why he couldn't make it during the War.

    But maybe Oda is a troll, since there is 1 other person I could see Luffy crying over


    And I would LOVE it if this was the case.
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    (It's funny because I ALWAYS use a bow if its available in a game lol)

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    Sex on Fire Flare Blitz's Avatar
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    last chapter big mom-crew, now koala and sabo...
    This arc is like the sexiest post timeskip arc ever :3
    crazy little theory i've had ever since punk hazard:
    I think there is a possibility that the ppl who ate the smile-fruits are connected/bound to doffy in some way.
    Wouldn't be past him to enlarge his forces in this underhanded manner, since he's aiming to be the pirate king after all.

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    The French Tickler pratesh's Avatar
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    @Airicks Damn you. Forgot about Bon. It would be a reason for Luffy to cry, but it doesn't explain the saki cups. Guess Oda can always keep trolling us.

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    As Roshi nicely outlined, the only current logical person to be impersonating Luffy while he seeks to destroy Doflamingo IS Sabo. Until he's officially introduced, we of course can speculate, but I believe the evidence is pretty convincing. That being said, Oda continues to out do himself this arc. I've never been a huge passenger of the Sabo bandwagon, but I nonetheless understand the catastrophic revelation which has just taken place this chapter. Damn. I love that Oda has returned to mind-numbing One Piece...I'm just worried what he's going to show us/leave off with us next.

    This chapter is the first one I both slightly admired Bartolomeo and Bellamy. Bartolomeo certainly showed shades of Luffy/SHs in his speech to Bellamy, and his 'dream' to become a follower, what I'm translating to ally, of Luffy and crew is fitting. The fact that he repulses literally everyone else and yet goes gaga over Luffy and crew AND Luffy has begun to warm up to him as a friend is fantastically unbelievable (I really hate Bartolomeo in a good way), hilarious and fitting. Similarly, Bellamy showed true resolve to not betray Doflamingo, even though he's been disposed of for a second time by the latter. Curious where Bellamy will land now after both Bartolomeo and Luffy showing him more respect and genuine kindness than Doflamingo ever showed him.

    A few quick notes:

    --Franky's combat hair is ridiculous....
    --Usopp, as has been a trend this entire series, is about to realize another one of his famous lies, finally leading an army of 8000 'men'
    --Where's Bellamy going? How'd
    --Hobby fruit user Sugar...meh...glad to at least see she plays some part in the crew; Doflamingo really does saturate business into his crew's usefulness doesn't he...Interested to see who will face who now that the entire Colloseum Doflamingo combatants are headed to defend the Toy factory....Franky has his word cut out for him if he faces Trebol...the slick fuc...
    --The toy disguises are horrendous....not even a chuckle out of me....
    --Damn no Sanji and gang!
    --Acilia will betray Rebecca
    --Well, hello Koala. Never thought I'd see you again, but I guess it's fitting you'd wind up with the RA.
    --Anyone else think that Sabo's insistence on inheriting Ace's DF sounds a bit weighted with ulterior motives?
    --No Jinbe please

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    OMG the moment so many of us have waited for is here, I loved the ending with sake flash back. If Sabo isnt on a level even comparable to Luffy as a bad ass their will be some angry nerds out there
    Pandaman FOR PRESDIENT

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    given the clues that Oda has given us it does seem likely that this mysterious stranger is indeed Sabo. And if and when that confirmation arrives next week or later I'm gonna let out a major WOOHOO at the top of my lungs. I was certain from the moment I saw Sabo's story in the childhood flashback arc, I mean that part where Dragon brings person x to the revolutionary army ship, I was thinking who else could it be? Oda made sure to show the audience Sabo and Dragon having a heart to heart about shit that is fucked up in the world, seemed like it was put in there to a reason. Yet a lot of folks I talked to were absolutely certain that Sabo was dead and he hadn't been saved when his ship was attacked by the visiting tenryuubito.

    and the rest of the chapter was awesome too.

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    Strawhat Galkie's Avatar
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    Things are heating up..

    You Become Someone, By Doing Something.

    Just.. Epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshecalpoly View Post
    OMG the moment so many of us have waited for is here, I loved the ending with sake flash back. If Sabo isnt on a level even comparable to Luffy as a bad ass their will be some angry nerds out there

    at the last page ( or one before that ) it seems that sabo took luffys outfit, guess he is going to fight as ''lucy'' , so i guess he is gonna be super strong as well

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