Now that I think about it, I should have seen Rose appearing there, after Yumichika showed up, after all it seems that their Zanpakutous are both flower/plant types, in similar manner as Kensei's and Hisagi's are wind types (could this mean that after the war Yumichika will become Rose's VC ?).

The amount of Bankais that are currently around the S-ritter is 5 (2 confirmed, 1 broken, 2 suggested) ? This guy isn't going to survive this.

It's worth mentioning that Kensei's Zanpakutou isn't simply a wind type, but a hybrid of fire/explode type with the wind type, since the parts that are cut up by the wind, are then made to implode. It sounds a bit similar to what Bambietta had (only the medium is different), but instead of using the Reiatsu as a medium, Kensei uses wind or his knuckle blades.