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    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    Can I have porn actress Remy LaCroix for Christmas? Her ass is hypnotizing...reminds me of this girl I used to date.

    If that can't be arranged then...a pair of Nike New England Patriots Stadium Gloves, Navy Blue, size XL.
    Just found out about her a couple weeks ago, she's amazing hahaha. I wanted an iPhone 5s or a TV for Christmas and got neither so that was fun.

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    A date with my girlfriend, but that didn't happen :(. She ended up spending time with her family, which is understandable. Other than that, I guess I wanted either a DS for Pokemon or a new laptop. I decided to get neither. I'll reward myself with a laptop after I finally graduate from medical school. As for the DS, I'm more into Yugioh and MTG, both of which I play for free online. I don't have the patience to breed pokemon.
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    I would like to spend a day with my girlfriend on Christmas, just the two of us on couch watching a movie together as house glitters with small lights. Well lets see Christmas is coming next month. See how it goes.

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