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I think the scales have something to do with wanderiech. Bach is probably most powerful when the scales are slighty balanced in his favor. Also, a large enough tip in the balance could mean the destruction of Wanderiech, which could also destroy Soul Society. I see it as yin/yang. Even the moon cast a shadow. If one is destroyed then so is the other.

I don't think Bach is so much trying to eliminate the shinigami, anymore than replace them. This also gives them access to SKR.

Has anyone noticed that the only SR's/Quincy that have swords are Hashvalth and Bach? Me think's they may have originally been shinigami.

not the best chapter, but Ikkaku & Co received a super elbow drop. Cheng Du & Robot guy were off'ed, Hashvalth & Shunsui delayed their battle, and Rukiya & Renji made quite an entrance.
This is what I was thinking except that I think the "balance" that Hashwalth keeps is that of fortune not souls. Like for instance, It was good fortune that allowed the 2 scrub Sternritters to live since they were defeated. Since Bach doesn't want scrubs in his army, he calls Hashwalth to take care of them. Cang du has a further instance of good fortune because of his Iron skin or whatever. I believe that this is where we see Hashwalth's power, he(or his zanpakuto(?)) seemed to have powered up from this and thus allows him to balance the good fortune and murk Cang Du. The same could be said of when Ichigo showed up, his showing up should have been a massive turn of good fortune for SS so Hashwalth empowered by this goes and smashes Ichigo's bankai with hardly any effort. It's a kind of hax ability if you think about it, kinda reminds me of Kyoraku's zanpakuto's ability where it somewhat ignores powerlevels or actually gets stronger.