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I don't see Law dying in any way this arc. Sure he's taken three or more bullets to the chest, but we've seen characters recover from worse and still survive. Perfect case in point: Zoro. Plus, Law certainly has a larger role to play in this NW saga. The third suggestion is intriguing, but I personally think it's going to come down to how Zoro/Luffy, Bastille/Issho/Marines, and Doflamingo all handle this new revelation. Also, looks like Bellamy becoming an ally/crew member is once again a possibility.
No, not a perfect case in point. Zoro is an endurance beast; it's expected of him to tank hits and push them aside. Law dodges all incoming attacks if he can. That said, I too believe Law is will be fine, after all, the worlds greatest doctor is on his way back to Dressrosa. Law, and all the others in the Worst Generation category, have big roles to play in the future.

Bellamy becoming an ally, maybe: becoming a crew member, no. He is the reason Merry couldn't fulfill her dream of reaching the redline. He gave her the injury that eventually killed her.