@ Artifice,

I don't think Madara should be thought of as needing to escape. He already has a plan and he's just biding his time. I am even doubtful of Madara's commitment to the Eye Of The Moon plan. He probably wanted it as a final tool, but Madara's real HIGH comes from DOMINATING everyone and everything. The EOTM plan would be his final statement of dominance.

As I perceive it now, Madara is not at full strength yet. He will be at full strength After he enters the Hashirama clone he's grown in his lab. If I were to predict, I would guess that Madara will fight the Heroes, and he will appear to be defeated, but after they have finished celebrating, Madara will come back BADDER than ever inside the Hashirama Clone, then the real final battle will begin. If this happens, then Captain Yamato may be the hidden hero (well maybe not. The Heroa has to be Naruto after all).