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    I don't think it was a flash from the tree, more like the moon coming out from behind it's cloud, and from that view the tip of the tree is directly in front of it.

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    Why is the tree still there in the first place? Shouldn't it have crumbled or something after the bijuu were extracted? Or is it no longer active now? And I still think Obito should have died from having his Bijuu extracted, but then again Obito might be dying, its hard to tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    Why is the tree still there in the first place? Shouldn't it have crumbled or something after the bijuu were extracted? Or is it no longer active now? And I still think Obito should have died from having his Bijuu extracted, but then again Obito might be dying, its hard to tell.
    It's now the GM's shell that is powered up by the chakra it took back from the alliance, you know those countless bodies that had their chakra sucked dry away from them (plus a bit of the Bijuu's chakra as well). Since it couldn't eat the whole alliance's chakra, it takes a bit longer to start the MEP. Regardless of how much it ate or if the Jinchuriki is active, the program/jutsu is currently loading and will activate by itself when it completes.

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    If Hashi gets beaten, fine, but god I hope the battle is covered in the manga, and it doesn't start with Hashi beaten and Naruto meeting a new powered up Madara. Nice chapter to close of the Obito arc.

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    Too bad the jinchuuruki don't come back to life. Anyways, back to the battle that actually matters - Madara. I hope Kishi powers up this guy to maximum so I can see Hashirama at his best. I've lost interest in other characters.
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    I liked the Team Minato reunion, but it was SO overdue. We've needed this sort of interaction since the moment the Hokages were revived. While this was good, and it was nice to see Obito and Kakashi finally level with each other, I can't help but feel this reunion could have been better spent adding life to previous recent chapters. All the wasted chapters fighting Juubi Spawn, or all the boring "We love Naruto" chapters following the Shinju's awakening... Any of these would surely have been better spent facilitating some fresh and meaningful closure or discussion rather than rehashing the same tired points or giving us half-assed filler action.

    It's not that I hate this chapter or feel it was out of place, it's just frustrating to see this necessary and obvious reunion happening NOW when so many of the past 25 chapters have been pointless filler. After listening to either pep-talks or lectures literally every chapter, I wish this useful one either came earlier or was not preceded by so many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Now I have to wonder if perhaps the manga won't end at chapter 666 in tribute to his brother's work?
    That would be fuckin' awesome. That was a good manga.

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    Chapter is just OK.

    So Naruto went up the tree to help Hashirama then why all Bijuus are just sitting on their ass*s and not helping Naruto in any way? What Naruto Gain by knowing all of their names or even having their small chakra they gave him? What gift Minato wants to give to his son? Where is Orochimaru after he just gave LITTLE small hand to the Third and then?

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    I am conditioned to expect the worst when Madara battles off screen.
    nevertheless I do look forward to Naru/Sasu confronting Madara, should be entertaining.
    Not too happy about Kishi-san deciding to help him self to a well earned vacation though, how dare he not completely work himself and his assistants to the bone all 52 weeks of the year for our entertainment and adulation. 'Tis a bloody outrage it is, I've a good mind to take this to me local member of parliament, I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    >.> Kishi going on a long overdue vacation

    Anyways a bit of a slow chapter but they have to wrap some of this up I suppose.

    - I have been wondering why Madara has only been using Susanoo against Hashirama when he has the Rinnegan. I think Madara is just enjoying the fight but he can turn it up a notch if he wants.

    The Bijuu should stay away from Madara.
    I am curious about that as well. Madara's powers are very confusing. Madara should have way more power than he has shown. Not only has he been neglecting most of the Rinnegan's abilities he also hasn't displayed any Mangekyou powers aside from the Susanoo. Madara is supposed to have the most powerful Mangekyou ever but other than his Full Susanoo he hasn't shown anything impressive. Itachi with just a regular Mangekyou was capable of complete Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Tsukuyomi. By rights Madara's Eternal Mangekyou should be a lot more capable than what we have seen.

    Madara is way beyond the level he was at when he fought Hashirama. With apparent mastery of the Mokuton, the Rinnegan, and the Eternal Mangekyou, he should be able to wreck Hashirama now but so far he seems to simply be holding him at bay. He said that he intended to step in and switch spots with Obito with the Sage technique but he didn't make any apparent effort to do so.

    I am not surprised by the current state of events, so far the battle seems to be going as predicted with Obito being defeated but not killed by team Naruto and the Juubi being neutralized. I suspect that Madara will now escape somehow, possibly killing Obito before he goes and taking his Rinnegan. After Madara escapes I think he will meet up with Black Zetsu and get the full truth about what exactly has happened since his death. They will then return to his hideout and begin their new plans. Madara still needs his true body resurrected after all. I suspect he will use all of the resources Obito left behind to pick up where he left off.

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