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    @ Zero, nice explanation, but you lost me after "Adult Games"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anticrobotic View Post
    Did you even read the other posts before posting yourself? Read Zero's explanation.
    I did, but the move was used once and might not of been fully told on how it works, or each member has a special type of the move, or there might be greater moves beyond it. It's a theory, don't get all huffy over something, and yes I read it. Still, she could fuse with Komamura, and gain his immense power, and it would effect the bankai. Like I said it's a theory, you have to keep a open mind, it's bleach. We saw how the Fullbringer Mode effect Ichigo, and we saw how Komamura's Human form effect his Bankai, She could fuse with them, gain his Bankai back, and it's appearance might change again.

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