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    I can't believe Gazille is really running around looking for a cat so he can be like Natsu and Wendy, are u serious. He doesn't need a cat I like him just the way he is. Am still wondering what the hell Charle meant when she told Happy he doesn't what he is. And what the hell is up with Mistgun, he really disappointed me how the hell u gone take Wendy away from the city but don't warn the rest of the guild members, that just sucks. Anyway I still like him though. Really good chapter this week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shijima View Post
    Anyone think the Anima has something to do with the Dragon Slayers gathering? What with Makarov talking about their gathering being part of a prophecy and Mistgun saying the disappearance is a decided matter.
    I wondered that as well but am leaning no for right now. I think in the next chapter Mistgun will explain what Anima is.

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueDreamer View Post
    and i've said it before and i'll say it again, happy needs to grow a pair and stop putting up with charle's bi*chy self.
    LOL! So true.

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    ouch, wham episode much? good chapter. it's good to see that a constantly serious character like gazille has a serious but being wierd side.

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    well since happy did come out of like a dragon egg, im sure each dragon slayer has a cat that will eventually aid them into a victory against the dragons (if that is the final battle of the series). So Charlie knows exactly what is going to happen with the dragons but happy doesn't...I'm sure it will become clear soon though.
    As for mistgun and the "amnesia" thing sounds like what happened about 10 chapters ago when Gerard says he forgot everything...Pretty dull...The mistgun who took out all the phantom subdivisions for the guild is now only saving one person from

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    Another good chap. Charle really is bitchy, Happy deserves better. Also Gazille looking for his cat is one of the funniest things in the manga so far.

    I actually am on the fence with Mistgun. I think it's awesome that he saved Wendy, but his connection with Gerard is severely ambiguous, and even if he's abandoning Fairy Tail there has to be a reason. Ah, the plot thickens.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Down with Mistgun.
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    awsoome chapter

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