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    Fairy Tail Chapter 167 Discussion/168 Predictions

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    Senior Member psin2005's Avatar
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    wow interesting chapter. a little lacking in the action department but a couple of questions were answered and many new ones popped up.
    The passage of time from last chapter to this chapter was a bit confusing.
    I'd have liked a little more Gildarts' appearance.

    Theories about who is responsible for the "final rain"?

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    Veteran Member Himura Battousai's Avatar
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    Im trapped in Kakashis Kamui jutsu with Deidaras arm
    Mistgun i thought you were cool :(

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    Mistgun is completely abandoning his guild!! what an ass, seriously, hes had time to talk with wendy, so why the hell didnt he just pick her up and run to his guild and tell them what is happening?

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    Senior Member kuroihikari's Avatar
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    Congratulations on those who put out the "Mistgun saved Wendy" theory.

    Oh, and just got to put an Awww for those cats.

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    Back again REDXIII's Avatar
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    gazille searching for a cat is so funny
    didnt expect that to happen,that mistgun would be this way
    though i hope he wont abandon FT,would suck if he does
    cuz i still think hes badass

    Sig & Ava = Jaiden

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    Zura Shijima's Avatar
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    Good chapter, though Mistgun just lost some serious cool points. Anyone think the Anima has something to do with the Dragon Slayers gathering? What with Makarov talking about their gathering being part of a prophecy and Mistgun saying the disappearance is a decided matter.

    Could be a chance for Gerard to make a comeback with Mistgun saying his power alone wasn't enough. Also wonder what's the deal with Happy and Charle.

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    woot mistgun coming from a parallel universe? I don't like where this is going. I already don't like the fact there are (at least) 2 gerards, with one being a pedophile.
    Read and buy DOROHEDORO !!!!!! This seinen is just amazing

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    gazille wanting his own cat continues to be so full of win. half of me wants him to end up with a mean badass cat that matches his personality, the other half wants him to end up with a uber nice and cute kitten; for the hilarity.

    and i've said it before and i'll say it again, happy needs to grow a pair and stop putting up with charle's bi*chy self.

    as for mistgun, i've considered him a lame ass ever since he abandoned his fight with luxus just because he lost his face cover. and now he adds to his lameness with his willingness to just abandon his guild. although, i'm sure once we find out what's really happening it'll redeem him somewhat.

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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    Another awesome chapter! that's 2 in a row

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