I remember when I was a wee lad, my mother and I stood outside one night, and she pointed to the Sky, and asked me to wave at the Man on the Moon. She would also say "Hello Beautiful Moon"

I'm truly sorry Mom, I never could see any man or even a face on the Moon. Fif "disability"ty years later, I still can't see that Man. I've checked google, and asked friends, but to me there is nothing in the Moon that remotely resembles anything like a human, human features, or even parts of a human.

Well does anyone else share my "disability"?

I wonder if my inability to see any semblance of humanoid features in the Moon has any bearing with my difficulty with some Mangas, such as Bleach. I have even begun refering to Bleach images as Kuboglyphics (as in Hieroglyphics). Another manga which image's I sometimes find challenging is SoulCartel. I did enjoy the recent battle between Mephistopheles and the Golem brought forth by the Supreme Witch, but I would have missed most of it if not for my Artistic 14yr old daughter Olivia helping me out.

So what say you, I'm still open to being swayed, if one of you cuys could show me the Man in the moon.