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    Quote Originally Posted by merciless View Post
    with all recent development i seriously can't see any other outcome than luffy demolishing flamingo, just like croc ruined alabasta flamingo ruined dressrosa, whats more luffy said it was the same where he grew up , the place that killed sabo, not mentioning the creep has his bros devil fruit, this must be the ultimate guy for luffy to hate
    Even so, I don't believe Doflamingo will be defeated and then glazed over come the end of this arc. I can certainly see Luffy beating Doflamingo by the end of this arc, but Doflamingo's role in the storyline I believe won't be over by any stretch of the imagination; he's too involved with the underground and Kaido, plus the whole Celestial Dragon situation....Doflamingo is going to re-realize his pirate side again by the end of this arc, especially after Luffy and Law destroy the factory and set Kaido upon him, which will then send Doflamingo back after SHs and Hearts and create a vicious cycle that will catch up with someone by the end.....Does that make sense? What I wrote doesn't sound like how I imagined it in my head....

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    I wonder if enough Haki can be used to prevent control from Doflamingo. If it is a 1 vs 1 fight of Luffy vs Doflamingo, how will it play out? What strategies can be used against him? Luffy is rubber so he can still be affected by Doflamingo's strings and even be cut. There is no Logia in Luffy's crew.
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    @Blackriot69 It makes sense. He's too big a name to fall and not bounce back. Defeated sure, but out of the picture, nope. What interests me is what happens when the "toy creator" get beaten. Will all the toys revert to their original form, and if they do will that make Dressrosa an insanely powerful country in the OP world. Sure, alot of the fighters(previously toys) would return to their families, but you have to think that many of them will stay at Dressrosa, maybe even joining the army.

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