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I was reviewing old episodes of Bleach anime. If you have time check out episode 112. Here the voice actors for Isshin and Urahara Kisuke speaking in the Japanese Language clearly said "Vizards", and the screen Dubbing printed "Vizards".
Ok, first of all, you don't...use the anime as a reference when the original is the manga. I.e. chapter 185, raw version.

Secondly, my experience is that 99% of native English speakers are absolutely clueless when it comes to phonetics. Nothing against any of you, it's just how how fucked up - albeit beautiful in it's Oxford version - your language is. Yes, that's a fact. But you may blame the French for that.

Like Zero has already explained they don't say "vizards", that's just how your English wired brain interpreted what they said. They said "ヴァイザード" (see manga raw ch 185). It was written in kanji (with the meaning "masked soldier") with the katakana (ヴァイザード) next to it. If I write ヴァイザード in roumaji you get "vaizaado". The fact that it was written in katakana means that it's a foreing loan word, and the vast majority of loan words in Japanese are English. And "vaizaado" is how Japanese wired brains interpret the English word "visored", and that English word only.


Oh and it's Visored, not Vizored or Vizord.

There. Now I've said it, once and for all. I had to get it off my chest.