^ I think that Vizard also sounds better and is easier to spell than Vizored, plus Vizard sounds more like a trait/appurtenance, while Vizored sounds like as if someone had went through a certain process (while it might hold true, it differs from the standard naming for groups used in this story). They call people or souls that gained the Balancer's Power: Shinigami or Soul Reapers, they don't call them Reapered after all .

Going back to Orihime, well she might have a "fun" "trump card", especially that now her powers have grown a bit. For example in the past it was shown that she was capable of reconstructing vital organs such as brain and heart (both at the same time even), thus technically speaking, she revived someone:

it almost seems that as long as she has at least the ashes (and the soul haven't went through reincarnation or other kind of process yet), without any foreign reiatsu blocking them, she should be able to revive someone, kukukuku. You know like if someone's ashes gathered on her pins, or being specifically placed in a flying container that follows her around...

...there are also other "presents" she got, like the two plush toys that are named and were shown in the Fullbring arc, though that might really have been just a random, trivial thing .

As to Ryuken's comment:

well, it looks like he has classified them all (Uryu, Sado, Inoue) as humans with special powers (I think that it is better explained in the anime adaptation), while mentioning Sado and Inoue first seeing as Uryu was already cut down (a person was this easily cut down by a Fullbringer, was dubbed as the next Emperor... yeah ... alright I guess everyone that cut down Uryu so far, beside Tsukishima near the end of Fullbring arc, had Shinigami powers to a certain extend), plus Ryuken would have known how the Reiatsu of a Quincy feels, thus it was reasonable to guess that the enemy's power is of a different type, like Sado's type or Orihime's type.