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    Bleach Bleach 556: The Wolfsbane - Discussion / 557 Predictions

    Mangpanda Version

    Its Out, and have to say its pretty good.

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    So, I missed that she was still under Shinji's Shikai when she hit him, even though there were things suggesting that she indeed was (the place she hit him, how her power works and foremost the fact that her eyes weren't shown until Shinji fell down and deactivated his shikai because of the critical hit).

    A few things explained/confirmed, a lot happened, some action, well this was fast paced chapter if you ask me.

    I wonder how many people have the "second stage" of their Bankai, heh, now I have to wonder if the "complete" Bankai that Hitsugaya has spoken, isn't perhaps the "second stage" that he has yet to activate ?

    I wonder how long it will last, I mean he did give out his heart, so does this mean that he dies after it (or was this actually his grandfather that sacrificed his own heart, in order to take down his son's curse ?) ?

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    Oh yeah kuma kuma is now a badass way beyond his puppy days........ i like this new concept and character development maybe more than anyone as of yet..... pretty great chapter for me....... but i wonder if this is enough to defeat bambietta the "explode".... her powers are not just normal it turns everything her reishi touches into an exploding bomb lols......

    And i highly doubt shinji is done for.... if kumamura gets defeated here by bambietta or by another quincy that would come to her aid... i think it would shinji's turn to rescue kumamura... with his hollow and bankai.... shinji is a tough dude imo

    And one more question this..... animal realm were they're clan was sent and punished... were is this? is it separate from the HM or SS? or from Hell in bleach? another realm?

    and what of yoruichi? did she or her clan had gone the same punishment and procedure as kumamura's? the only difference i see between yoruichi and kumamura here is that she can turn from a cat to a human form in such a simple/ easy way? so its quite different...... maybe its kidou or something else entirely hmmmm.... lols... if this things needs to be answered i think that it is why bleach would need a very long time of explaining before it ends

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    Havent posted here in eons but this chap forced me out of my slumber lol n all i can i say is holy shit komamura goddamn kubo just made 1 of the most useless captains so badass in 1 panel.

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    Bleach just adding stuff no one knew existed out of nowhere ...animal realm lol

    Anyways i guess it only took 556 chapters to finally explain why there was a dog man .

    - His true human face revealed and a new Bankai

    I liked this chapter cool story bro.

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    woah there komma wowzers didn't expect that . he may have just turned into one of my new favourite characters because of that, all i can say is KOUJOU TENGEN MYOUOU!..
    how ever i don't like how easily shinji went down he is meant to be way stronger than that and plus he's a vizard not impressed

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    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    Kubo is nailing it lately and now he's pulled off a damn miracle: Making Saijin look like a damn BOSS. Bambi is basically using Stark's release, minus the fucking awesome wolf molded soul shards. Remember, Stark's ultimate attack were described as individual nukes, bombs that exploded on contact, Bambi's is a less impressive version thus far.

    Saijin FTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Bleach just adding stuff no one knew existed out of nowhere ...animal realm lol
    As if every fucking manga there is doesn't do this...

    Anyway, decent chapter. I'm still not counting Shinji out, he'll get back up after sandbagging a few chapters. Komamura is still pretty meh to me. It will take a bit more than a new look for him to surprise me.

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    Never expected THAT to be under his Bankai's armor. I wonder what kind of new power it has? I can't wait ^_^.
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    I dont like it!!!! I mean komamura's new look and Bankai are cool, but Kubo just trolled one of my favorite characters, Shinji! I dont care that Bambi said his technique doesnt matter cause she'll just bomb everything, but she nailed him on the first shot. How does that happen? If she was aiming in front of her then that meant she was really aiming behind her. I just dont get how she hit him on the first shot. It took Aizen a few tries to get adjusted, but she nails him on the first try...smh

    The second strongest Vizard gets owned. He better get back up and put ohn his mask.

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