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I dont like it!!!! Kubo just trolled one of my favorite characters, Shinji! I dont care that Bambi said his technique doesnt matter cause she'll just bomb everything, but she nailed him on the first shot. How does that happen? If she was aiming in front of her then that meant she was really aiming behind her. I just dont get how she hit him on the first shot. It took Aizen a few tries to get adjusted, but she nails him on the first try...smh

The second strongest Vizard gets owned. He better get back up and put ohn his mask.
lol... Well, you see.. What I think happened was that Bambi simply one-shotted everything around her and just happened to make contact, rather than specifically aiming for shinji. The last panel of Bambi during the previous chapter showed everything around her exploding. I'm glad Bambi is owning people soon after the release of her Holy Complete Form, so that things won't look so lopsided when reinforcement arrives to help out the shinigami. the quincy are outnumbered by the amount of shinigami, arrancar, and fullrbingers, etc. The Quincy need to be truly powerful to be a genuine threat.

Besides, how impressive can Shinji's bankai be when all bankai is an amplification of a shinigami's shikai; which in Shinji's case happens to be the inversion of visual perception. Leaving Shiniji'a bankai to be..... A REALLY reversing inversion of visual perception??? lol.

That being said, I do like Shinji's character and have been wanting to see more of his capabilities since his little brawl with Grimmjow, and short lived victory with Aizen. So, in that regard, I still feel your pain!

May Shinji make a comeback with hallowfication!!!! Maybe even like Ichigo during his fight with Ulq!!!1 That would be pretty sweet.

P.S. I still want to see all the bankais, including Shinji's!