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    An Alternate/Side story to Bleach

    Hey guys, I got bored again, and day dreamed something up. You guys seemed to have enjoyed my last one (done a long long time ago) so here's my new one:
    Part 1
    Scene with Shinsui and Jugram. Judgram has just transformed into his Vollstaendig form.
    Jugram:" It's over. Don't worry, it'll make it a swift death."
    Sudden man appears behind beside Shinsui, having come in through the window/gap behind.
    Shinsui eyes widen, then bows.
    Stranger: "Oh, Shinsui, it's been a while."
    Shinsui: "Indeed it has, dai sensei."
    Complementary page wasted on chapter title.
    Nanao: "Captain, who is he?"
    Stranger: "No one special."
    Shinsui: "What you're looking for is located in the shire behind the 1st division dorm."
    Stranger: "I see. This is an interesting barrier you have."
    Shinsui: "It's a bakudo created by my Vice Captain, Nanao Ise. It's still incomplete."
    Stranger: "Hmmm, is that so."
    Stranger walks through barrier and walk off.
    Jugram: "I don't know who you are, but his majesty has order us to eliminate all Shimigami. I take no pride in attacking one's back, but it is your fault for presenting yours to an enemy."
    Jugram raises his sword and charges an arrow/beam.
    Nanao:" Look out!"
    Nanao reaches her hand out in attempt to cast a kido. Shinsui, stops her.
    Shinsui: "Don't worry Nanao-chan. He can't hurt him."
    Jugram fires shot. Massive explosion, lots of dust, the regular stuff. Nanao's barrier shatters from the aftershock of the explosion. Dust clears, man is unscratched, turns his head to the right slightly.
    Stranger: "That barrier you had is not so different to the refracting shield."
    Jugram is entrapped inside a cube of transparent yellow walls.
    Shinsui: "Aha, unfortunately I'm not talented to use any Kido beyond 119."
    Stranger: "Don't worry, you're still young."
    Stranger starts walking off.
    Jugram strikes at barrier, it doesn't break.
    Jugram: "Hmmm, a stronger version of the girls barrier, but it'll only stall for time."
    Shinsui: "Indeed, by the looks of it, it'll dispel itself within half an hour. It was only cast as a demonstration after all."
    Jugram: "Did you think I'ld stand here and wait half an hour"
    Shinsui: "I think you misunderstand. Even if it was a form-less spell, not even your Vollstaendig form will allow you to break it."
    Nanao: "form-less?"
    Shinsui: "Aha, what's this. There are things even Nanao-chan doesn't know"
    Nanao: "This is no time to be joking"
    Shinsui: "Well you see, there's nothing Judgram-san or we can do about that barrier. Nanao-Chan, do you know what a chantless spell is?"
    Nanao: "Of course, normally for Kidou, you need to chant an incarnation to cast it. However those proficient enough are able to cast the spell without having to chant the incarnation. Of course, the spell would be weaker, however those of Captain and Vice Captain rank have enough skill and reiatsu to make them effective. The higher the level, the more complex the spell is though, and there hasn't been anyone known to have mastered all 99 of Kidou and Bakudo to this extent."
    Shinsui: "That's mostly right. Did you remember the espada named Stark. He was able to fire cero's without a poise, such was his mastery of cero. A formless spell is basically the next stage beyond chantless . When you have truly mastered a spell, you can cast it without a poise or even a declaration, in a sense, you could call it "signless" as there will be no indication of what, where and when you fire the spell. The reason it's called "formless" is because those who have reached such a level of master are also capable of reshaping the spell at will. Take that barrier as an example, while its shape is of a cube right now, it could just as easily been a pyramid or sphere."
    Nanao: "Then what has refracting shield got to do with it?"
    Shinsui: "Oh, that's simple enough. Bakudo #136, Refracting Shield."
    Jugram: "Hmph, don't treat me like a fool. We've been watching you for the past 1000 years. It's general knowledge that Kido maxes out at level 99. If that was meant to be a threat, then it's a flawed one"
    Shinsui: "No no Jugram -san. It's not a threat, yet what you say isn't entirely false either. Seritei was created by Yama-ji, who was also our teacher. However he himself had only mastered kido up to #99, and we, his students are much less talented than he is. Because of this, there is an impression that Kidou tops out at #99, however, as far as I know it goes all the way up to #173. Of course, this was about 800 years ago, it may have increased since then."
    Nanao: "#173....."
    Shinsui: "Haha, Nanao-chan, are you surprised. I'll tell you something else that's interesting, I can use Hakudou up to #113. However, the chants are long, and the spells are draining, so it's not really useful in a fight. But Nanao-chan is indeed sugoi, making a spell similar to that of #136, not even Yama-ji could do that."
    Jugram: "Are you suggesting that man was above your former Captain Commander. To be able to cast a shield stronger enough to block my attack in an instant, a squad zero member perhaps."
    Shinsui: "You Quincy sure surprise me with your knowledge. However, you're a bit off. Well, since we have time anyway, I'll tell you an old story. It's a bit long though, so take a seat."
    Shinsui sits down.
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