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coloor kage version

The colorized version of this chapter adds more depth to the conversation between Naruto and Obito. You guys should check it out if you haven't already seen it yet.

Loved it.
Depth ? I think that you meant blur .

It's a bit funny, at one page Naruto has normal hair, then his hair looks like it was rasenganed and then it's normal again ;P. Hard to be consistent when a few people work at the same thing ehh ? Also, they use hard black lines at times, then thin colored ones. Couldn't they at least agree to do it all the same way ? It's pretty awkward when two different pages are referring to the same picture/photo, that is differently colored on each one of them.... At times they make that the flames give pink light, yet at times they make that they don't give any light . Oh man, they can't even use the same colors for one character... I mean come on, can't they make one palate of colors for reoccurring characters, so that at least that would have been consistent ? It seems more like this is made from random colored pages, instead of something made by a team.

LoL, bluntman, don't make it even more awkward :

especially that after he said it, in the next chapter, he started seeing his dead lover in Naruto :p...