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It's good to see the noticeable progression in Ichigo's character, the way he's got a certain sense of self confidence that's been lacking since before he gained Fullbringer abilities. Oh, and those TWO blades look fucking awesome on him, total boss shit.
I agree man, it kind of reminds me of Ichigo after training in the precipice world, when he came out with long hair and a new resolve, completely manned up and took on his role seriously and didn't rush into things like he usually did. Im praying they gave him new skills to gauge the enemy and learn their strengths and weaknesses than what he usually does which is run in and underestimate everyone thinking he is the strongest and the best and then get beat half to death only to be saved by some remote hax power deep inside him...

Nice find on the insignia though! I would love to see him being more "official" now so that Byakuya can't look down on him as a lowly substitute anymore, he will be legit!