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3. Are you suggesting that Obito is going to use that DNA-Sword to mutate Naruto on the spot, into albino skinned, read-heired, cross-eyed, So6p alike ?

Speaking about the Sword (since I forgot to mention something last time ), it actually might work like Longinus (aka Black Barrel) from Nasuverse (mainly Notes), basically being an anti-chakra weapon that gets more powerful the more chakra/energy that the target posses, thus being a weapon specialized against high-energy-god-like-beings (in this case the Shinju or Jyubi). Perhaps, in this case, it will be used to cut down the Shinju now that it is filled with so much chakra ?

Edit: Scratch that, I forgot that the sword broke in the previous chapter , so it might be will-depended, but besides that, it doesn't seem to do much.
Obito did say:

"His strong feelings dwell inside of it, it is a sword of the soul"...Mangapanda
"His passion and intensity permeate throughout the blade, You could say the blade carries his very essense"..Mangastream

Of course this could all be just a bunch of Mangahype

I never thought the sword was meant as an offensive weapon to start with.