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    Naruto Shippuuden ep 144 Discussion

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    damn it, why didn't we see a bijuu battle

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    The arc is strange, but I don't hate Utakata as much as I thought I would, and the animation was pretty good this episode, so I don't think its a total mess so far.

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    Utakata was a pretty cool character, but other than that pretty lame start to this filler.
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    is this a whole 20 ep+ filler arc cuz if so im gonna stop watching

    unless it is the animators intentions to show all of the jinchurikis fight s with the akatsuki that would be epic
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    Double posting is cool bsns.

    Hopefully they capture this guy and extract his tailed beast.

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    Well lets see....

    - The villains all look like cannon fodder henchmen which means the real villain is someone else. A villain with sideburns hahahaha....where is Lee with his thick bushy brow to counter???

    - 4 young whippersnappers versus an old man = overkill-no-jutsu

    - Yea there was a lot of old-man-no jutsu this episode but I liked it finally an old man with real beard and real bad ass jutsu En no Gyoja !!!

    - Thats one happy pig on Tsuandes lap no??

    - Utakata seems like a cool character but obviously being a Jinchuuriki has made him a loner who doest place his trust in anyone...if only there was someone around who could change him....hmmmm

    - Utakata bubble jutsu works exactly the way I envisioned it in my idea for side story dealing with all the Jinchuuriki being captured.

    - He can capture people in it and use it to fly and probably change the acidity of the water to melt someone trapped in it.

    In my story it was Pain who battled him but I think it more likely to be Konan or Kisame. Konan would be suited for taking this guy and it would be a good display of her abilites.

    I think the jutsu Pain was planning on using may have been related to this one. Is it a coincidence Pain plans to use a Bijuu weapon capable of destroying a nation and a clan which holds the secret of a similar weapon along with a jinchuuriki are in the same spot .....

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    It's actually nice to see everybody's talents at use in those fillers.

    It was an ok episode, but that last part, especially the song, gave me bad flashbacks about some character seeking a place to go f@%! himself.

    Hope we get to see nice fights and some real interesting fighting from Naruto.

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    If you only watch the Anime then this is not filler, for the some of us that read the Manga then the Anime either suck it up and watch it or skip it if you cant stand filler arcs.

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    Boring.I hope it's not like the last shit filler.Naruto animators should ask Bleach animators for hints.

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