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    Justice League: WAR

    hey guys new thread for the latest justice league film 'war' this immediately is up there in my best DC movie list it features dark sied always love to see footage of dark sied and his displays of strengths heres a link hopefully you'll enjoy it

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    Is that the "basically a recap of the 1st invasion" of Justice League The New 52 1st story arc?

    Where/ Why did I get the feeling that was animated before?
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    Its not bad, the voice acting for some of the characters is Meh, but for the most part the action and animation is solid.
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    Im thinking this has to be the new 52 because I like the characters attitudes too much for it not to be.
    Batman and Sups are awesome. Darkseid is in it, so that's always a plus. cool movie

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    It was pretty good... Darkseid.... seemed a little bit too weak. Like his eyes could of metaled the sword and stuff.

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