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Now THIS is what I've been looking for that the past chapters failed to provide, very nice. Cohesion and perfectly synched Naruto/Sasuke fusion, the B Listers get some shine, Lee actually indirectly uses ninjutsu for the first time ever, Obito's What If Reality, a new divine weapon introduced and trounced in the same chapter, & our two main characters actually make some feasible progress against Obito.

All that's left is for Madara to step in and complete the story arc.
You forgot about Kakashi, he still needs to warp out right before Madara finishes Obito and take the hit, in the eye, perhaps with a sharp Susanoo sword or the black rod, after which Obito will push out Kakashi from Madara's Meteor jutsu's path... then again the connection between Sharingans suggest something happening more similar to what happened at the time of Rin's death... seeing as Obito is a Jinchuriki like Rin was at that time, the Sharingan vision, that Obito and Madara have a big disadvantage in numbers and that there is a wicked tree growing upon a pile of corpses behind Obito, under the full moon... well will see .

Interesting enough Kakashi combining with Obito could revive the White Fang and Hero of the Sharingan at the same time , assuming that the black DNA-Swords turns white (since both of them already have a Sharingan and white-grayish hair).