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I have to say my favourite part of this weeks chapter was the sequence where Law redirects the meteor onto the hull (using the middle finger) and then Fujitora's complete lack of concern was priceless, he didn't even stop eating. interesting that he's so keen to go back to Dressrosa, I hope it is so that he can snoop into Doflamingo's business rather than go after the strawhats who aren't on the sunny. Fujitora seems to be one of the few navy higher ups that doesn't have an absurdly corrupted concept of justice so perhaps the whole thing about Doflamingo aiding and abetting one of the yonko might be something he won't look the other way on. I guess what I'm hoping is that when he finds proof about Dofla's relationship with Kaido he will inadvertently help the strawhats and inform the Akainu and the Navy top brass leading to Doflamingo being formally expelled from the Shichibukai.
I guess the scenario where Fujitora switches sides is plausible. It's been written all over his face that he doesn't like/trust Doflamingo and wants to sniff out his business. If this happens to go as far as bringing DD down, then Luffy's team will definitely have the upper hand.


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Aokiji did tell Smoker that Donflamingo posed the biggest threat to Sakazuki's vision of the new marines HQ. So it's very plausible that it happens just as you hope. My question is, How strong is Donflamingo really? Can their really be that huge of a disparity in power levels between Shichibukai? Obviously there's always going to be stronger ones and weaker ones but is Donflamingo really that much stronger than Crocodile? I don't want an overpowered Strawhat crew but i also don't feel like the Shichibukai are that relevant in the new world. Donflamingo is a different case since he's the #1 in the underground world and Mihawk since it's been stated that he's the strongest swordsman. At this point i feel like the Strawhats real struggle will come at the hands of the yonkou and the many pirate flags beneath them and not the Shichibukai. Not saying taking on Donflamingo will be an easy feat but i don't think it's that far-fetched to believe that Luffy can beat Donflamingo in this arc.
Well, although DD had help from the Pacifista, he took down Moria - another Shichibukai relatively easy . DD and pre timeskip Croc are incomparable for me. The latter neither having a strong physical body nor haki, aaand...losing to a gearless inexperienced Luffy. Put it this way: If DD was in Croc's situation back then, what would've happened?
On top of that, the Shichibukai are meant to be a balancing power in the world(according the marines).