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    The Chapter was decent. just not what I was expecting, I do admit I was expecting something that would change the tide of the war.

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    With kakashi showing his face again it's time for kabuto to surprise everyone with a sudden return in 651 or 652 to mop up and hijack the obito situation; leaving madara for hashirama (wrap that up please) and keep orochimaru and sasuke in awkward positions in the power pantheon. Kabuto is the only other villain with the drive and desire to reach So6p levels that isn't simply trying to steal an eye. He stole a whole lot more and imo, would be a far more interesting candidate as top bad guy, especially for the position and circumstances it forces on orochimaru and added emphasis on not only senjutsu but sage mode itself (with full implication on the body). A true last villain candidate that wasn't simply rinnegan crazy but one of the few that was sage mode crazy.. please let him twist everything and get the juubi before madara!
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