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Barto considers Zoro a first mate
The silk-hat-masked-gunman is named Gladius
Chapter 723 Change of plans
Caribou swallowed the factory whole. The revolutionaries cheers at the "Gaburu the hero"

Sanji says he should be the one to save Nami, I mean I know she'd want me to be the one to save her!
Zoro lets him. Sanji hands Kinemon a map to the Toy's house where his comrade should be, and denden mushi to contact everyone once they find Luffy.

Kin and Zoro stands at the gate of the Colosseum, wondering how to get in.
Zoro wants to just slice the gate open, which Kin stops.
Bartolomeo watches Zoro, crying in joy to see one of his heroes there.
He calls Zoro the right-hand man of Luffy, and a first mate (at least to him he is)

Meanwhile at the palace...
Gladius is shaking himself in anger over the betrayal of Violet.
The original plan to capture Sanji and gain intel on their plan has been ruined.
Baby 5 tells him to calm down before he explodes, as Gladius' silk hat expands like a baloon.

The hat bursts, revealing Vegeta.... I mean Super Saiyan 2 Goku.... I mean
Whatever, you know the hair style. Lol.
He wonders if Violet was up to something since the day before, as with her abilities she should have spotted the Straw Hat ship much earlier

Sanji and Violet rides a toy horse as they rush forward
Violet's Sennrigan (literally a Japanese/Chinese mythical ability to see a thousand miles) ability allows her to see 4000km in all direction, with no hindrance by obstacles.
(I hope Oda meant 4000m, cause km is freakin OP lol)
He asks her if she plans to stay in the country, but when she was about to reply... she sees a lightning falling on the Sunny

At Sunny...
Jora is toasted from Nami's lightning.
As the group decides to follow Law's direction and head to Green Bit, Jora tells them the straw hats should be all taken out by now due to Violet's scheme.

Law asks Dofla if he's a Celestial Dragon, but Dofla replies he "used to be".
He answers cryptically, asking what is a "blood line"? what is "fate"? There can't be very many people with odd twist of fate as he...
He tells Law he'd tell his life story over a bottle of booze, but alas we don't have such time.
He needs to go take care of the Straw Hats in Dressrosa. Dofla says he realizes how many have fallen due to underestimating them.
Fujitora tells Dofla he heard a lightning fall out in the ocean. And it sure ain't cloudy today.
Law realizes from that conversation that it must be Nami, so his ride must be here.

CC asks Dofla to have his heart back, but Law tells him "who told you I gave you Ceasar's heart?"
Dofla squeezes it, and a random marine screams in pain.

Law creates a ROOM so big it covers half of GB, and tells Fujitora you better keep up that gravity, cuz' I'm out of here.
He then shambles himself with a boulder, which crumbles under Fujitora's gravity weight.
Law grabs CC and uses teleport to run. Dofla chases after Law.

Meanwhile Nami and co are swimming through the Fighting Fish territory, and being attacked.
Law runs to the bridge with Ceasar, he plans to teleport Ceaser to the ship, and fight Dofla on the bridge himself.
Dofla realizes Law's plans, and switches direction to the ship!
He flies through the air to head straight for the ship as Nami & co shudders in fear: We're dooooooomed!
Sanji flies across the air with Sky Walk, and delivers a kick to Dofla, warning him to stay away from his crew.
Dofla smiles, complimenting that a strong looking adversary has come.



and "Gravity". Yeap.
It's plainly stated so we can STFU about it. :p