The guy who tried to stand up was Rebecca and she is the winner of block D.

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Script: Ishuhui
Translation: @Divvens off Oro Jackson

> Rebecca stands up as the crowd begins to insult her and start spewing harsh words at her.
> Outside the Colosseum, Vice Admiral Bastille speaks about a man (I cannot translate the name, it's messy, sorry).
> Bastitlle tells all the Marines that the man (he is speaking about) took out everyone in Block D.
> The Marines have been chasing this man for quite a while but have failed to capture him. The man is rumored to be two times more powerful than Cavendish.
> King Riku has been captured and taken to the Palace, where Law is on the ground unconscious and Doflamingo has a wicked smile (and is super confident)
> Luffy, Zoro and Kine'mon reach the Palace doors and meet someone who would like to "guide" their way.
End Of Chapter