Law escapes from Fujitora's gravitational jail and kidnaps Caesar again. Dolfamingo follows them. At this moment Thousand Sunny is near Green Bit. Dolfamingo changes his mind and runs toward Thousand Sunny. Finally Sanji appears and attacks Dolfamingo before he attacks Thousand Sunny

- Sanji decides to go on his own to rescue Nami and others aboard the Sunny Go. Zoro and Kin'emon try to get in touch with Luffy and the toys in the factory in order to rescue Kanjuro.
- Zoro and Kin'emon try to find ways to get into the Colosseum to meet up with Luffy, they come across Bartolomeo, Bartolomeo recalls the great deeds Zoro has done in the past and bursts into tears.
- Pica's subordinates and Baby 5 have a conversation where they mention Violet's betrayal, they are angry about it.
- Doflamingo mentions he was "once" a Celestial Dragon, but isn't one anymore.
- Law uses his Room ability and manages to escape Fujitora's "gravity" and manages to steal Caesar again.
- Law intends to throw Caesar onto the Sunny and hold Doflamingo back.
- Doflamingo see's the Sunny Go, he decides to attack and sink the ship.
- Sanji arrives at the right time and attacks Doflamingo before Doflamingo can attack the Sunny Go, Sanji tells Doflamingo "to stay away from his nakama".
-End Of Chapter-